Zielsdorf Financial

Incorporated in 1974, Zielsdorf Financial Group Ltd. is the Insurance arm of Cornerstone Financial Group, focusing on the specialized needs of business owners and high net worth individuals.

We all recognize that we need insurance, but the challenge is navigating through the myriad of products in order to find the right solution.  Our staff have an uncommon level of knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the various products and can help you make the right decision.  

Zielsdorf provides an integrated risk management approach that emcompasses Tax and Estate planning, Succession planning and even Money Management.

As financial situations become more complex, it is imperative that you have an advocate who understands all the intricate details of your personal financial situation and your family goals.  Values manifest themselves in the process of working together, so we start by asking: "What's important to you?"


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At Cornerstone, every decision that we make with respect to your investments - and with respect to your financial and estate plans - includes consideration for tax efficiency

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