Cornerstone Investment Counsel was created with you in mind. With hundreds of money-management firms, thousands of mutual funds, and tens-of-thousands of advisors and brokers, the financial industry is a daunting labyrinth of marketing hype and conflicting advice. We're here to help guide you past all that and keep you focused on the things that matter.

Independence Matters

We work for our clients and only our clients. We do not receive trailer fees or commissions for selling products or securities. We are not financially motivated to generate transactions. We serve as your advocate, constructing unbiased portfolios to suit your individual needs. Our success is a direct function of your success.

Costs Matter

Investment costs, including fees, taxes and transaction costs, are one of the primary headwinds that inhibit investment returns. We believe that minimizing these costs is the simplest and surest way of building a path towards successful investing. To illustrate the magnitude that costs impact returns, consider the following example: if you start with an original investment of $1,000,000 and an annual return of 8%, then reduce costs by 1% (thus increasing the annual return to 9%), you would save an additional $1,000,000 in just over 20 years.

Process Matters

We believe that science, discipline, and patience are the cornerstones of successful investing. Science means employing tested, strategic methods to the process, including utilization of Fama & French's Three Factor Model. Discipline means employing quantitative strategies and controlling the things you can control, while taking the guesswork out of the process. It does not allow for subjective decisions, market-timing, or chasing returns. Patience means trusting your processes and remaining focused on long-term objectives. It also means eliminating emotional decisions.

Expertise Matters

We focus on what we do well - portfolio construction. To manage individual asset classes, we engage top global specialists, including Dimensional Fund Advisors. We demand excellence in the following areas: Scientific approach; Commitment to their mandate (no style drift); Discipline to adhere to a proven management strategy; Consistent performance; Focus on long-term objectives. In other words, we hire managers that fit our process.

You Matter

We provide comprehensive wealth management services as unique as you are. Because you matter.


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We don’t make money in the stock market in spite of the risks, we make money in the stock market because of the risks. - Wellington West, DFA

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