Is your financial future dependant on your manager's ability to outsmart the market? Can you trust that they will do a better job of selecting securities than the tens of thousands of other professionals who are trying to do exactly the same thing?

Financial management firms sell the idea that their fundamental analysis, economic forecasts, or proprietary models can lead to superior security selection. But study after study, along with all of the empirical evidence, proves that this is simply not the case, and their supposed expertise is, in the end, nothing but expensive marketing.

We don't believe your financial future should be based on opinion, forecasts, current trends or marketing hype. We don't believe that it is possible to consistently outsmart the markets (or at least it is impossible to know in advance who might).

Instead, we believe in embracing the markets and gaining efficient, cost effective, and purposeful exposure to them. Your investments should be managed within a structured, cohesive and scientific process, based on rigorous academic research and designed specifically to achieve your goals.

We believe that managing your investments should not be done in isolation, but should be managed as an integral part of your overall wealth management strategy.

Working in conjunction with Cornerstone Financial Group, we manage your investments specifically to achieve your clearly defined financial goals.


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We don’t make money in the stock market in spite of the risks, we make money in the stock market because of the risks. - Wellington West, DFA

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