We Believe...

  • that science, discipline and patience are the cornerstones of successful investing.
  • that applying the most rigorous science of finance to portfolio construction, with multi-faceted diversification, is the best way to invest.
  • in a disciplined, quantitative approach. We do not believe that markets are predictable in the short term, and do not engage in stock picking, market-timing strategies, sector rotation, or chasing returns.
  • that minimizing fees, taxes, and transaction costs are imperative in order to achieve your investment goals.
  • that risk is not one-dimensional. Investors experience several types of risk and the markets are subject to many sources of risk. Proper portfolio construction must consider all relevant sources of risk, not just volatility. This can only be achieved with completely customized, individually crafted portfolios - not with black boxes or pre-fabricated solutions.
  • that risk and return are related and the purpose of taking risk in a portfolio is to increase the rate of return. However, we understand that not all risks are as efficiently rewarded and we focus on those that properly compensate you, such as company size and the value factor. We believe that some risks are manageable, and can be controlled, diversified, or eliminated. Efficiency means spending your "risk dollars" wisely, to increase expected return without increasing overall portfolio risk.
  • consistently 'out-smarting' the market is not possible, and that gaining efficient market exposure is a better long-term strategy than attempting to beat it.
  • our motivations should be aligned with those of our clients. We work for our clients and only our clients. We do not receive trailer fees or commissions, nor do we 'sell' products or securities. We are not financially motivated to generate transactions. We simply build portfolios to meet your objectives, and we do it for one single, fully-disclosed, fee.
  • in building long-term relationships with our clients and helping you stay focused on - and achieve - your financial goals.

We Believe in you.


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We don’t make money in the stock market in spite of the risks, we make money in the stock market because of the risks. - Wellington West, DFA

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