Proper financial planning is a complex task requiring the integration of such divergent issues as:

We believe that managing your investments must also be integrated into your financial plan. Money Management should not be a product in isolation.

At Cornerstone, all of our clients' portfolios are custom-designed; taking into consideration their financial planning needs as an integral part of the process. Our portfolio construction processes, choice of asset classes, global diversification, asset selection, size and management styles, are expressly designed with that integration in mind.

We believe in a disciplined, quantitative approach.  We combine that philosophy with a rigorous adherence to the science of finance, and an understanding that the best way to achieve your goals is by minimizing fees, taxes and transaction costs while gaining exposure to the risks that compensate you the most efficiently.

For more information on our investment management philosophy and processes, visit Cornerstone Investment Counsel.


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Life is full of uncertainties. Future investment earnings and interest and inflation rates are not known to anybody. However, I can guarantee you one thing. Those who put an investment program in place will have a lot more money when they come to retire than those who never get around to it. -Noel Whittaker

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