Employee Benefit plans are a cost-effective alternative that can compliment your compensation
structure and help make your company an employer of choice. The return on investment is both
apparent and immediate, and is what makes the plans so popular. By grouping employees together,
unit cost falls resulting in savings for everyone.

Implementing a benefit plan will:

  • Provide benefits such as dental care, medical care, life and disability insurance for employees
    and their families.
  • Give the company immediate access to lower cost insurance compared to what it would be for an
  • Lock in security for both management and staff, making the company a more attractive place to
    work for, and reducing staff turnover.
  • Increase employee morale and loyalty as a direct result due to the enhanced financial security
    and the benefit of corporate support.
  • Make the premium as a business expense, tax deductible.

Regular reviews of existing group plans are imperative as the business evolves. Issues such as loss
rations, cost containment and getting the best value for dollars spent are very important and worthy of

For information on setting up a benefit plan or for a review of your existing plan, contact us.


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