Welcome to Cornerstone!

Cornerstone Investment Counsel Ltd. and Cornerstone Financial Group are - collectively - a different kind of financial services company.

In an industry built on marketing hype and the idea that "our firm is smarter than every other firm that is doing the exact same thing we are," we believe that a well designed plan with a sensible, scientific approach, controlling costs and risks, and maximizing your likelihood of success, is a better philosophy.

In an industry designed to make the industry money, we built Cornerstone to help make you money.

Da Vinci's drawing of the Vitruvian Man, depicted above, exemplifies the blend of art and science, perfection in proportion and design, and the cornerstone of man's attempts to relate human nature to science. Today it is seen as a symbol of the break from traditional ideas and the dawning of the age of science and enlightenment.

At Cornerstone, we greatly admire those ideals and believe they can be applied to money management and financial planning. Helping our clients achieve their financial goals is a process that requires patience, discipline, and a firm commitment to what we believe in - a scientific approach and a break from traditional industry methods.

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